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About a farm

   Vale do Paraiso is an environmental conservation company - It has an area of ​​204 hectares of forest of preserved Atlantic forest, containing 84.9 hectares of RPPN (Private Reserve of Natural Heritage). Located in the heart of the Macaé de Cima APA, Nova Friburgo, RJ. Its mountains are 1000/1300 meters high.


   We seek a sustainable development, combining environmental preservation, permaculture, organic agriculture, bio-construction and recycling, retreats and related experiences a self-knowledge, holistic therapies, forest medicines, therapeutic feeding, gaia education and what more pulsar, we are an eco-system in flow of constant transformation and learning.


   Agroforestry, sale of organic baskets, lodging, experiences and courses related to permaculture, self-knowledge, holistic and food therapies, education and volunteer programs.



   We preach a more allied life to nature, seeking self knowledge, minimizing our impact on the planet, a community life, where service is for everyone, exchanging tasks, learning, knowledge, sorority and visions of the world.


   Supporting the awakening of a new consciousness, feeding dreams, seeking ways to achieve and co-creating social, economic, environmental and spiritual sustainability paths.